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Re: X color depth question

>From what I recall, in X3.3.6 TNT cards could not run above 16bpp
mode. Mine (TNT1) ran fine at 16bpp mode however, so that was good enough
for me.
Now with X4.0.1, i have running in 1200x960 in 24bpp (Xfree86 server) so
I can't complain at all. Oh, and I'm running the nVidia kernel and GLX
supplements too (avialable at www.nvidia.com) which are much better
supported for X4.0.1 than X3.3.6.

 Corey J. Popelier

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Ray Percival wrote:

> When I start X I get console messages that it is going into 8bpp color depth but once it is up it does not look like 256. I have tried commenting out everything but the 24 bit lines but then I get errors. I think the problem is the x server. I am using the SVGA server with a Viper 770 (TNT2) is there a better server out there for it? Also has anyone had luck with the X 4.0.1 packages from Woody with a 2.2 system? Thanks for any feedback and help.
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