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Re: X color depth question

"Ray Percival" <squadboy@mail.sisna.com> writes:
> When I start X I get console messages that it is going into 8bpp
> color depth but once it is up it does not look like 256. I have
> tried commenting out everything but the 24 bit lines but then I get
> errors. I think the problem is the x server. I am using the SVGA
> server with a Viper 770 (TNT2) is there a better server out there
> for it? Also has anyone had luck with the X 4.0.1 packages from
> Woody with a 2.2 system? Thanks for any feedback and help.

First, please wrap the lines in your email at about 70-72
columns. It doesn't make for nice reading otherwise.

To interrogate the properties of X once it's running you can use the
command xwininfo. Among other things it'll tell you the color depth
you're running at.

I believe the SVGA server works fine for my TNT 16,24 and 32-bit. At
least I don't remember getting a special X server for it and I don't
think there's much difference between the TNT and TNT2 except for
speed. Of course you can force the X server to start at a particular
resolution with:

startx -- -bpp 16

for example.


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