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Re: Bug#15490: konqueror reloads page when starting xmms files

> > this happens really often, but i never managed to reproduce it. i watch a
> > webpage in konqueror. then i start a new mp3 file in xmms and konqueror
> > reloads.
> Aliens took over your computer ? :-)

maybe ;-)

> Sorry, this doesn't make sense. A reload is triggered by F5, a click on the
> reload button, or ... well, that's all, for webpages.

ok, i figured out that it's not really a reload. sometimes it loads slightly 
differnt urls, and often not existing ones. it's just as if konqueror would 
load a new page (but most it's exactly that one, i'm currently viewing)

> Anyway, recompile with debug output (i.e. no flags passed to configure)
> and tell me if anything appears in the terminal where you started
> konqueror, when this happens.

recompile??? the debian installation runs just fine right now, i hope i can 
avoid this :-)
the problem happend with my prior mandrake installation too, i never got rid 
of it, but i thought it would be too "mysterious" to post a bug report (and 
you gave me right ;). i never was able to reproduce this bug, although it's 
happening quite often. this is mysterious too, it NEVER happens when i think 
about it. it always surprises me.
for some more detail: it happens exactly after i've opened a new file in xmms 
with doubleclicking it in the gtk file dialog. it never happened when i 
selected the file using the ok button, but maybe it's just this "when i think 
about it" mysterium.

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