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Re: installing packages: can't locate file/glob.pm

%% Kelly Corbin <kcorbin@theiqgroup.com> writes:

  kc> I had the same problem.  For some reason, perl-5.6-5.6 was not
  kc> installing before the apps that needed it.  I downloaded the .deb
  kc> manually, installed it, and the errors when away.

My understanding (perhaps incorrect) is that debs are supposed to only
need perl-5.6-base, not the complete perl-5.6.

Unfortunately, perl-5.6-base doesn't include the File::Glob.pm.  In
previous releases of Perl this wasn't needed on most platforms: perl
invoked csh (ugh!) to handle all the globbing the "glob" function
needed.  In Perl 5.6.0 they changed that to use internal globbing
functions, in File::Glob.

I submitted a bug against perl-5.6-base for this yesterday, saying that
it should include File::Glob.pm.  I suppose an alternative would be to
disallow the use of "glob" in deb config scripts.

Not sure what the final outcome of that will be.

At any rate, the answer here is the right one: find a way to install the
real perl-5.6, not just perl-5.6-base, and you'll be all set (for this
problem, at any rate).

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