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Debian 2.2 XEmacs colors is rxvt/xterm

I recently installed Debian 2.2 on one of my systems.  I also have a RedHat
6.2 system.  On my redhat system Xemacs-21 colorizes text in ttys that support
color such as rxvt and xterm.  It colorizes almost exactly the same as when
running in its own X window.  However on my Debian 2.2 system XEmacs21 only
colorizes the strings for/while/if.  I have copied my .emacs files and still
no effect.  I downloaded the XEmacs RPM file for RedHat from the internet as
the stock rpm for redhat file does the same colorization as the debian system.
So does anyone know how to achieve the same colorization in a tty as in X with
XEmacs21?  I know about font-lock-mode and font-lock-fontify-buffer and
font-lock-use-maximal-decoration, there must be something else that defines
the colors that will be used in a tty.

Any and all help is appreciated!!!


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