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Re: what fax software do you suggest?

For small time requirements that you envisage, the
efax program is good enough. It is on the main sub
dir of Debian. Has an utility called  "efix" which 
does the job of conversion between fax, text, bit-
map, greyscale, ps and other formats.

For heavier workload, most people vouch for mgetty
+ sendfax. Don't have personal  experience on this
combination. I have used "kfax"  (kde) in the past 
without any problems ... However, for the rare few  
faxes out of my system "efax" was the final choice 
for me. Small, efficient, no-frills software which 
works !!!

Recommendation: Do an apt-get for efax.

USM Bish

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 11:49:56AM +0000, Thomas Halahan wrote:
> dear deb-users,
> I have a stand allone debian box with a fax modem.  I want to send 
> faxes from my box (but I don't really have to recieve them). 
> Q>  What software, from the debian distro, would you suggest which is 
> easy to set up for sending PS files, for example.
> Thanks Tom
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