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Re: subnets & 2 NICS in a mashine

Robert wrote:

> If your problem is that name service isn't working (despite the hosts file),
> it could be that Goofy is trying to find mini and mickey on the internet,
> where they are not visible.  I suggest not using a valid internet domain.
> I'd suggest "orion.home" or something more creative.  That way, goofy has to
> fall back on it's /etc/hosts file when DNS lookups fail.  Something else to
> look at first is your /etc/resolve.conf*.  It should contain a line like
> "order hosts,bind", which tells it to look first in /etc/hosts, and then go
> to Bind for domain name resolution.   That may fix your problem with no
> further effort, but I'd still recommend making up a domain name that doesn't
> exist on the internet.
> If this problem occurs when you ping by number, then it's a routing problem,
> which always makes my brain hurt (I never did learn how to set routes
> manually).

What does "bind for domain name resolution" mean? Does the mashine
want to contact a internet nameserver?

Surprising that today after boot-up GOOFY _can_ ping MINI by name, but
not MICKEY. What I didn't seem to had made clear was that all mashines
can ping each other by IP adress except MINI vs MICKEY. How can I
achive that?

Since I do not have a internet dial on demand -  I really cannot
imagine that the domane you had found would affect my home network.

Could you help me further on?


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