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Re: subnets & 2 NICS in a mashine

Stefan Janecek wrote:

> > Mostly, I just share home out so that I have the same www bookmarks, same
> > mail folders, and same custom scripts (under ~/bin) available to me.  There
> > are lots of issues when you do this kind of thing, though (you have to make
> > sure your /etc/group and /etc/passwd files are synchronised across the LAN,
> > so that every machine identifies group and user ownership correctly.

> Usually NIS or LDAP are used for synchronizing user/group information across
> your network. IMHO nis is much easier to set up, but also less secure and lacks
> a lot of LDAP's features - but for only a few computers behind a firewall
> nis should be enough. You could do 'apt-get install nis' and read the nis-howto
> in /usr/doc/nis.

Thanks for giving this hint. I'll have a closer look at the debian


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