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Re: fetchnews running automatically?

on Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 04:33:27PM +0000, Ekkehard Kraemer (ekraemer@pluto.camelot.de) wrote:
> Hello,
> does fetchnews install some cron/anacron/etc. script which makes it
> fetch news automatically? I have created a crontab entry which runs
> fetchnews every 4 hours, but it seems to me like it is run more often
> that every 4 hours...

What's your crontab entry look like?  Check under /etc/cron.d,
/etc/cron.* (daily, weekly, monthly), and /etc/crontab, as well as your
user(s) crontabs, including root.

My own preference is for an /etc/cron.d/leafnode file to manage

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