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Re: Debian CD Image

on Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 09:06:40AM -0000, linux@dougdine.com (linux@dougdine.com) wrote:
>   Hello,    Where can I retrieve the offical Debian CD images?
>   "ftp.debian.org" is too slow. With the pseudo-image program it is
>   too difficult to match versions between the file list, ftp download
>   and image file.    Thank you.          

If your intent is to d/l the image in order to install Debian, this
isn't necessary.  You can do a network installation of Debian.  This
requires downloading a fairly small disk imagage (~30 MB, uncompressed)
and a couple of floppy images.  You'll save yourself days in download

You can also pick up install CDs for < $10 at any number of Linux sites
-- LinuxCentral, Cheapbytes, LinuxMall, etc.

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