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Re: AC-97 audio and MC-97 modem?

"Thomas J. Hamman" wrote:

> I'm going to be upgrading my computer soon, most likely with a
> motherboard with a KX133 (with an Athlon) or a KT133 (with a Duron or
> Thunderbird) chipset.
> Does anyone have any experience with those chipsets/CPUs in Debian?  Are
> there any problems with them?
> And, specifically, since all the motherboards I'm finding have only one
> ISA slot, and I have two ISA cards (an SB AWE64 soundcard and a very
> reliable internal 56k modem), I'm curious about the on-board "AC-97
> audio" and "MC-97 modem".  Does anyone know if they work in Linux?  If
> they do work, are they reliable?  Or are they flaky enough that I would
> be better off grabbing an Ensoniq for sound or an external modem?
> (I hate having to ask this here, but I can't find them on any hardware
> compatibility lists.)

I've an Asus KX133, the on-board audio (VIA VT82C686) works quite well with ALSA
(version 0.59d), if you really want OSS, the current stable kernel (2.2.17) has only
support for 8 bit SB emulation, but there is a new driver in the next 2.2.18 kernel
version with full 16 bit support.

On a side note ALSA has a good OSS emulation mode...


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