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Re: Getting a list of installed packages

On Wednesday 15 November 2000 21:16, John Carline wrote:

> Ahh! I see. You're probably right, but that's caused by the dpkg command
> isn't it - not the pipe?  Didn't 'dpkg - l'  by itself produce what was
> wanted?
> If the full version is what's needed, it's listed in /var/lib/dpkg/status.
> The dpkg command cuts it off at 14 characters so the real question may be
> "is there a way to make dpkg  produce the entire version field?"
> I don't think so, but I could easily be wrong.
> John
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In another branch of this thread, Colin Watson pointed out that dpkg seems to 
know if its output is going to screen (like a wide xterm) or to a pipe, and 
if it is going through a pipe, it defaults to an arbitrary width (which makes 
sense, the pipe is as "wide" as it needs to be).  

He also pointed out grep-dpkg and friends, which are what I intend to use.

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