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Re: subnets & 2 NICS in a mashine

On Thursday 16 November 2000 07:41, robert_wilhelm_land wrote:
> MICKEY can ping GOOFY because of using the local C:\windows\hosts
> MINI can ping GOOFY because of using the local /etc/hosts
> But GOOFY cannot ping MICKEY or MINI by name although GOOFY's
> /etc/hosts containes:
> #file /etc/hosts
> localhost localhost.domain
> t-online.de t-online

#:~$ nslookup orion.de
Server:  acxiomdc1.conway.acxiom.com
Name:    orion.de

If your problem is that name service isn't working (despite the hosts file), 
it could be that Goofy is trying to find mini and mickey on the internet, 
where they are not visible.  I suggest not using a valid internet domain.  
I'd suggest "orion.home" or something more creative.  That way, goofy has to 
fall back on it's /etc/hosts file when DNS lookups fail.  Something else to 
look at first is your /etc/resolve.conf*.  It should contain a line like 
"order hosts,bind", which tells it to look first in /etc/hosts, and then go 
to Bind for domain name resolution.   That may fix your problem with no 
further effort, but I'd still recommend making up a domain name that doesn't 
exist on the internet.

If this problem occurs when you ping by number, then it's a routing problem, 
which always makes my brain hurt (I never did learn how to set routes 

Hope that helps.

* Alway check the man page against what I say, as I am often wrong, but never 
in doubt ;-).

Did you know that if you play a Windows 2000 cd backwards, you 
will hear the voice of Satan?

That's nothing!  If you play it forward, it'll install Windows 2000.

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