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Help: Needed final mail steps...


Ok, I read the exim FAQ, the exim home pages... the same for procmail and
fetchmail and I have the following questions I'm trying to resolve:

1. Files .procmail/.fetchmail in user or root directory?
2. What is the fetchid file created in ~/?
3. I call fetchmail at the console right now- is this standard or is it
included in an ip-up script, etc?
4. I get the mail down, the problem is here:

i)Mail sitting in /var/mail/jgift not forwarded to my mailbox or shot
through procmail.. How can I change this? Do I need to change exim.conf? set
up a .forward file?
ii)I see that exim handles filtering. Do I need procmail?
iii)How do I send? ie In Mutt I write an email and press "y" to send.  When
I log on to fetch mail will fetchmail automatically send what is in the send

Thanks, it's what's keeping me in a dual boot.
Help appreciated.


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