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Multiple OS'es- Yes.

Hello vijay@linuxfreemail.com,

>From the desk of Moses Wildermuth. Money Talks Enterprises, 
 On 15-Nov-00, vijay@linuxfreemail.com wrote the following in an email
regarding Re: Okay who's this 
>BTW how many of you on this list use multiple oses on your desktop and
which ones do you use and >for what purposes. That should be an interesting

No comment, I will simply refer you to my sig below.  :-} 

Money Talks Enterprises

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A3000D, Warp040/40, Spectrum, ASDG Xserial, Nexus,2meg Chip, 64meg Fast,
8megs DMA(RAD:), 9+1.2gig SCSI2, Zip100 and  Pinnacle 2X CDR/W;Running Hot
with Kick3.1, OS3.5 and Scalos1.2! Emulating MacOS7.61 and Win3.11 for
WorkGroup, Struggling with Linux m68k.

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