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Re: Okay who's this "H.C.Hsiang" <hchsiang@tpts4.seed.net.tw>?

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 02:58:28AM -0800, vijay@linuxfreemail.com wrote:
> BTW how many of you on this list use multiple oses on your desktop
> and which ones do you use and for what purposes. That should be an
> interesting one...:)


I occasionally boot Win95 to play games (the only one recently has been
Shogun: Total War), but it's been... a couple months since the last time I
did that, and I recently bought a PlayStation (1, not 2), which should allow
me to get non-Linux gaming fixes without killing my uptime.  (I've actually
found myself in stores looking at Windows games and consciously thinking, "It
looks like a good game, but it's not anything worth rebooting for."  Kinda
scary the first time that happens...)  Everything else is on Linux.


I have the good fortune to have two PCs on my desk, one running Linux and one
running NT.  I write server-side software for Windows and *nix.  I do all my
coding on the Linux box (I'll take multiple vi sessions over Visual Studio
(or any other IDE I've seen) any day), then turn around and build the code on
the NT box (using make in CygWin's bash port, so it's a pretty unixy NT).
I also use the NT box for network browsing (as in 'NT Explorer'/ 'Network
Neighborhood', not www), although I suppose I could get around to trying
out tksmb and do that from Linux also...

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