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Re: Version Naming Convention

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 11:59:09AM -0800, Jonathan Jefferies wrote:
> I am currently running slink, 2.1?  I've noted
> that there is a 2.2 version out.  What is its
> designation? Are there any notes/faqs regarding
> the differences and whether is worth upgrading.

for the codenames

from slink, i've not heard much rationale to put off upgrading.
thing is, you can get all the potato stuff up and running,
but still be on an older kernel. update your kernel too;
this sounds daunting, but if you're careful and follow the
steps as directed, you should have no trouble. i've got
2.2.17 (uname -r) running now.


will show you what kernel images are available; if you
have apt-get running, do

	apt-get install <kernelPackageYouWant>

and then, i'd bet, a restart.

of course, if you want to take the time, you can

	apt-get install kernel-package

and tweak and tune and hone and frob and munge
the options (there are MANY) and come up with
your very own kernel that doesn't have any excess
baggage, and only does what you want it to.

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