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Re: no "/usr/sbin/install-info"

eric k. wolven <wyrdwulf@catskill.net> wrote:
>A problem I am having is in installation of packages.  I still have a
>number of "broken pkgs" and unconfigured.
>I am getting "/usr/sbin/install-info: no such file or directory" messages.
>I've tried to re-install dpkg_1.7.1 which has the file and it seems to
>install, but I can't get it to write the directory
>"/usr/sbin/install-info".  It's there but no script.

/usr/sbin/install-info has /usr/bin/perl as its interpreter, and you
must have upgraded to dpkg 1.7.0 when it had the update-alternatives bug
that zapped that. 'ln -s /etc/alternatives/perl /usr/bin/perl' will fix

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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