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Sudden instability: can a faulty mouse cause this?

It all started last night while I was working with jpilot and my
computer just stalled while I was using the mouse.  

I tried a normal shutdown by switching off the power and hoping that
the UPS software will force a shutdown after the configured 12
minutes. But that did not happen.

Since then I had to reset my computer about 6 times.  Each time it
stalled while using the mouse though there were times when I used the
mouse without a problem.

It happened both in X and on a normal console using gpm.

I have a ps/2 mouse which I have used without problems for about a
year now.  Can a hardware problem on the mouse or the ps/2 port cause
this?  How can I determine the cause?

There were no error messages as far a I could see.

I have checked the cpu fan. It is still working.

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