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Re: e100.o missing modversions.h

fred1@inebraska.com wrote:
>JoshNarins@aol.com wrote:
>> This is a 2.2.17 and beyond issue.
>> In the archives I see where people trying to build arla just
>> commented out the -DMOD_VERSIONS compiler flag but
>> that doesn't work when trying to build e100-1.3.20, the
>> driver for several Intel NICs. It was not available >>
>> The output of the first step, a make, is attached.

Except that my attachment was eaten and inserted into the message...

>> -JoshNarins


> At least in the past, modversions.h was produced when you compiled a
> kernel,
> or it can be found in the kernel headers for your  kernel, something
> like kernel-headers-2.2.17.deb in the debian directory.
> -- 
> Gary Dolan
> Debian GNU/Linux, Kernel 2.4.0-test10 
> FreeBSD 4.0

I ran apt-get source kernel-headers-2.2.17, as you suggested, thank
uou very much.

I made a patch for the Intel e100-1.3.20.tar.gz /src/Makefile so
that under 2.2.17 the INCLUDEDIR= 
The default was /usr/include.

I looked and looked and couldn't find an Intel email address to
send this to, even supposing I found a remotely
ideal way to determine the OS.

--- src/Makefile.orig   Tue Nov 14 01:35:19 2000
+++ src/Makefile        Tue Nov 14 05:02:21 2000
@@ -10,10 +10,15 @@

 RH_FILE = /etc/redhat-release
 RH_VER = $(shell [ -f $(RH_FILE) ] && cat $(RH_FILE) | awk '{print $$5}')
+OS_VER = $(shell uname -r)
 ifeq ($(RH_VER), 7.0)
        INCLUDEDIR = /usr/src/linux/include
-       INCLUDEDIR = /usr/include
+       ifeq ($(OS_VER), 2.2.17)
+              INCLUDEDIR = /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.2.17/include
+       else
+              INCLUDEDIR = /usr/include
+       endif

 # Get the kernel version from version.h

--Josh 'heehee' Narins

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