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Re: Sudden instability: can a faulty mouse cause this?

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Johann Spies wrote:
> I have a ps/2 mouse which I have used without problems for about a
> year now.  Can a hardware problem on the mouse or the ps/2 port cause
> this?  How can I determine the cause?

Yes, a short-circuit in the mouse (or in any other peripherical, Keyboards
are notorious for doing this) may cause lock-ups and other problems (such as
memory errors). Also, a short-circuit somewhere else may be driving the
computer dangerously unstable, and moving the mouse is enough to push it
over the edge (but this is unlikely).

I assume you don't have a multimeter readly available to simply test the
ports and mouse.

Plug another mouse. If it works, the mouse is probably the culprit. Also,
removing GPM and telling X to use something else for a mouse should STILL
lock up your computer if the mouse is the real culprit, I guess.

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