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mass install-selecting packages

Hello everybody,

I want to install debian 2.2 in 40 intel machines and I have some
questions. I am not new in Linux but I am in debian (I used redhat).
Sorry for my english but is been a long time since i used them :)

The method I use goes like this:

I have made the rescue and root disks with flavour=udma66. I start the
pc's with them and I beggin the instalation. (In the future i will do that
with bootpd). The base installation starts with nfs,and then I install the
module for the ethernet card and setup the network (with dhcpd). Then
restart and put root password and so on. Finaly I come to packages
selections.  Here are the problems.

First of all, I want to make a local ftp server and I download this
non-US/potato/main/binary-all binary-i386
non-US/potato/non-free/binary-all binary-i386
non-US/potato/contrib/binary-all binary-i386
potato/main/binary-all binary-i386
potato/non-free/binary-all binary-i386
potato/contrib/binary-all binary-i386 

(the paths are the same as in the ftp server)
Am I missing anything? 

Second: If I select the simple way to install packages I get only tasks
and no profiles, how I can get the profile section?

Last but not least: When I select advance, dselect appears. I then have to
select packages which is very tricky and I can't manage to do it, but if I
do so, I want then to make a file with my selections and use it to the
others machines. Someone told me that I should do it with 
dpkg --get-selections > file on the machine where it's installed as it has
to be, ftp it to other machine and run dpkg --set-selections < file, then
apt-get update or somesuch. I need some more help about that or any new

Thanks for your time and sorry for the big mail.

   Sidirourgos Lefteris
University of Crete - Greece

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