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Debian 2.2 installer boot floppys

I have just obtained the full three CD-ROM Debian CD-ROM set. I wish to
try it out on my old computer first, which does not have a CD-ROM drive
capable of booting.

Therefore I must make a boot floppy.

I used rawrite to create a floppy from the image install/rescue.bin,
which boots the machine up with syslinux, and then asks for "Insert root
floppy disk to be loaded...". So, I made a floppy with the image of

When I take the first (rescue.bin) floppy out, and put this one
(root.bin) instead I get a 'Kernel Panic: "Unable to mount root fs?"'

I asked on #debian about this, and was told that I needed to edit the
file syslinux.cfg on one of the floppies, yet I am unsure how to do this
(or why even -- all I want to do is start the installer from the
CD-ROM?). They won't mount under Linux Mandrake (on my other machine),
to edit the file, even if I specify 

mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

I'd be really grateful if somebody could help. I do have a fair amount
of Linux experience (with mainly Red Hat style distros -- where it's
just a matter of writing installer.img or similair, and making sure the
CD-ROM is in the drive), but this has got me stumped. 

Chris Howells 
E-Mail: chrishowells@linuxfan.com
ICQ: 93699029
Web: http://www.linuxfan.com/~chowells

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