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Re: Okay who's this "H.C.Hsiang" <hchsiang@tpts4.seed.net.tw>?

Everyone in this list :
    Sorry for bringing so much trouble to you. It started from a mail came
from one
of my friends. I didn't aware the file attached to the mail was a virus
untill I found
my e-mail software began to send mails automatically. I tried to stop
sending those
mails and terminated the excution of the virus and the e-mail software. But
the virus
kept restarting. After a few minutes, I finally terminate my e-mail software
and the
virus, but there were some mails with the virus had been sent out and all
the appli-
cation programs in my computer could not launch, including my e-mail
software, so
I can't sent warnings to you. Now, after more than 10 hours rebulding my
I finally can send e-mails. I want to tell all of you that I'm truely sorry.
Sorry ....


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