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Re: synchronize dselect

cjw44@flatline.org.uk (Colin Watson) writes:

> Or use it all the time, except for the odd apt-get for something
> trivial. I find it an exceedingly useful tool when you don't happen to
> know the exact dependency structure of what you're trying to install
> (maybe, one day, when apt supports Suggests: ...), provided you know
> what you're doing with it.

I prefer aptitude.  IMHO, it displays dependencies much nicer than dselect
does, using a nice tree structure.  It is a bit hard to use, but once you get
used to it, it's fine.

There's also console-apt (aka capt), but it seems to be worse at handling
dependencies.  (at least for my tastes)

It's a lot faster than dselect, too (at least on my system).


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