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Intel server box for NT, Linux

Hi. We've been running a Linux intranet server on an old Apple Mac. The use
and content on the intranet is exceeding the capacity of our old 7200, and
it looks like management will cough up for a new server to run Linux, with
a tape-backup drive et al.

I'd like a recommendation for a popular server Manufacturer/model for our
relatively modest needs. Ideally it would have about 30Gb storage. We have
up to 150 users on a 100baseT Ethernet network and more will be connecting
through a VPN. We are looking for something very reliable and of "standard"
construction - whatever that may be. We would like to be able to install NT
on it in the future if necessary...

As you can see I know nothing about servers, so I'd be really grateful for
advice. Incidentally, we are based in the UK.

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