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Trying to get XFree86 4.0.1 working

Hi all,
  I'm trying to get X version 4 working, and I'm _so_ close.  GDM comes
up on the screen, but everything is all distorted, wavy, ...etc. 
Whatever you want to call it.  I am using the same refresh rates that I
was using in X 3.3.6, so I'm guessing the problem is something else.  I
used dexter to create the new XF86Config-4 file. I've attached my new
XF86Config-4 file, as well as the old XF86Config (which I've renamed to
XF86Config.old) file that I used with X 3.3.6 (which worked fine).  It
looks like the only difference is that Modelines are present in the old
version and not the new.  Do I need to copy these over to the new file
to make my monitor work?? If so, where do I put them (what section of
the XF86Config-4)? I'm using a 17" Proview PU-766R monitor (model
768...I got this info off the back of my monitor) if it's any help.  I
have an S3 ViRGE video card, and I'm using the XFree86 server with the
s3virge driver.  If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate
it.  I'm really close to getting it working.  Thanks.


Casey Henderson

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