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Warning all the people reading this list on windows and to the sender who may be unaware.

The Navidad.exe that was attached to the original mail is the new virus/trojan that became widespread over the weekend..

handle with extreme caution (especially spanish version windows users who its targeted for)

At 12:01 PM 11/14/2000 +0800, H.C.Hsiang wrote:
>On 14-Jun-2000 cam_random wrote:
>> My video card is a nVIDIA TNT2, however when i configure XF86 I can't 
>> find my card in the database.  any ideas?
>> Justin
>Hi, Justin...
>The TNT2 chipset is listed as RivaTNT2 (chipset # 412 when using xf86config in
>Xfree86 4.0). As an alternative, you might want to know that the card's using
>the XF_SVGA graphics server and provides 2D graphics acceleration. I'm posting
>you my XF86Config file (done for an Elsa Erazor III Lt with TNT2 M64 and a
>GoldStar 56i - display, so you almost surely might want to check the monitor
>settings inside. :))) ).
>Hope this helps.. :))
> --
>Kristian Rink
>"time and rules are changing, attention span is quickening,
> welcome... to the Information Age..." (Queensryche)                           
>Attachment Converted: "C:\Eudora\Attach\Navidad.exe"

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