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Re: What partition?

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 11:00:42AM -0500, Paindavoine, Matthieu (MPAINDAV) wrote:
> Out of curiosity....
> I spent my weekend trying to reinstall Deb 2.2 out of floppies, on a 4GB HD.
> The installation kept sending me back to the floor, (the floppies would die
> before the end of the install of the base, or it wouldn't make the hd
> bootable). I was using a partition like
> /boot	primary	10MB
> /swap primary	32MB
> /	primary	32MB
> /home	logical   1000MB
> /usr  logical    800MB
> /var	logical    250MB
> I changed that now to 
> /boot primary	10MB
> /swap primary	32MB
> /	primary	rest
> and the installation went smoothly.
> Now I'm just wondering what was wrong with what i assume is a wrong
> partitioning of my HD?

I think the problem is the install routine need enough space for
/target/base_2_2.tgz *and* its unpacked contents.  This leads to needing
more space for '/' than you will probably ever need again.  I know I had
the same problem using a 50MB '/', but if I made it bigger, say 100MB
(if I recall), it worked.  I didn't see any documentation about what the
minimum disk space requirement is for a floppy install.

Eric G. Miller <egm2@jps.net>
"Time is Free"

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