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Re: What partition?

Paindavoine, Matthieu (MPAINDAV) wrote:

Out of curiosity....
I spent my weekend trying to reinstall Deb 2.2 out of floppies, on a 4GB HD.
The installation kept sending me back to the floor, (the floppies would die
before the end of the install of the base, or it wouldn't make the hd
bootable). I was using a partition like

/boot	primary	10MB
/swap primary	32MB
/	primary	32MB
/home	logical   1000MB
/usr  logical    800MB
/var	logical    250MB

I changed that now to
/boot primary	10MB
/swap primary	32MB
/	primary	rest

and the installation went smoothly.

Now I'm just wondering what was wrong with what i assume is a wrong
partitioning of my HD?



I don't see anything obviously wrong with your partitioning, but from my experience installing Debian via floppies, I can say with an 85% confidence level, the problem is one or more bad floppies. Replace the floppy on which the install is dying. If that doesn't fix it, replace it again. You need absolutely perfect, non-flawed floppies for a Debian installation.


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