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Several problems with X

Hello everybody!

I recently installed potato on a PIII Box. Since my Video Card (ATI Rage
128 Pro) only works well with XF4 (as far as I know), I installed that
from the unstable tree and it works fine (means, when I login as root and
startx, I get a wonderful wmaker session). Besides wmaker I installed
gnome and kde2.

Here come the problems:

1. starting X via startx as normal user, I only get something like an
xterm without window decorations, not a real X session. On the console
that I started X from, it says "Can not find a window manager. Please
install one." I would really like to, but how to do so? I haven't had to
do fiddle with X session management so far, maybe anyone can help me or
point me to the documentation? How can I install wmaker as my
Windowmanager, how gnome? And how can I make them selectable in kdm or

2. When I try to enter german umlauts (äöüß) at the console or any
x-terminal-emulation, I get only beeps, although it works fine with any
x-editor. I tried fixing this with kbdconfig and while testing the
selected keytable "de-latin1-nodeadkeys" the umlauts work. Unfortunately,
after telling kbdconfig to install this keytable, I have the same problem
again: "z" and "y" are at the right (german) places, but no ä,ö,ü, and
when pressing "ß" it scrolls through commandline history. 

I'm quite confused...

Thanks for help!

Dominik Eismann

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*		"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur."		*
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