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Re: wm

%% Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:

  es> it also has better pager (IMO) and overall virtual screens behaviour
  es> then (most) others. you can drag windows from pager to current screen,
  es> from screen to screen, switch between screen and move view many ways
  es> (mouse, keyboard, explicit action on pager)...

Yes; the coolest thing about FVWM IMO (aside from the modules concept,
which I like) is that it always pays close attention to the keyboard:
_any_ FVWM operation can be bound to a key, if you like.  I know many
people who use a rich graphical environment, including multiple screens
and desktops, and who never use the mouse for _any_ WM operations.

  es> however, as of now, the configuration is done by editing files, some
  es> other WMs have GUI based config (which I don't like too much, it's not
  es> as flexible, but some people like it more).

Note the dotfiles collection has a graphical configurator module for
FVWM.  I haven't tried it in a long time so I don't know how many of the
fancier features are available.

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