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Re: wm

Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
> I would like to know what window manager is the most popular in the Debian
> community.

  you can easily test most of them, just install them and pick them from
menu. but beware, from some of them there is no way out (IIRC there's
only one or two, the very minimalistic ones that do not have menu choice
to start another WM).

  I personally like fvwm, because of the neverending fun of changing
configuration (it's one of the most configurable:-)

  it also has better pager (IMO) and overall virtual screens behaviour
then (most) others. you can drag windows from pager to current screen,
from screen to screen, switch between screen and move view many ways
(mouse, keyboard, explicit action on pager)...

  however, as of now, the configuration is done by editing files, some
other WMs have GUI based config (which I don't like too much, it's not
as flexible, but some people like it more).


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