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Re: Debian installation from NT

At 10:44 AM 11/13/00 -0200, you wrote:
    I've installed and configured Debian a lot of times in my local
network, always from our linux local debian mirror. But I've never installed
it from a NT mirror and now I'm having some troubles installing debian
via NFS from it.

Does the local linux mirror use NFS to serve the files? Does NT use NFS or SMB (a-la samba) AFAIK NFS for NT is a separate product, and not part of the standard package.

    As I'm not an expert in the NT details, I'd like to know if
someone has already experienced installing linux from an NT mirror and
can give me some sugestions what my problems can be.

It sounds to me like the NT box is only using netbios or SMB, not NFS. What I do in such a case is make and keep the rescue/boot and root disks, and either have the three drivers disks or keep drivers.tar.gz somewhere on disk. Then when you install put this in your environment

in tcsh put this in /etc/csh.login
setenv http_proxy
setenv ftp_proxy

In bash put this in /etc/profile
export http_proxy
export ftp_proxy

Point the IP at your squid server

add lines like this to /etc/squid.conf on the squid server

refresh_pattern debian.org/.*\.deb$ 129600 100% 129600
refresh_pattern debian.org/.*Packages 120 20% 360

Then it will keep copies of any packages you download for several months (or until it runs out of space). You run squid on a machine with loads of disk space (your mirror machine say), and change the cache_dir setting to match the amount of space you have.

So you'll need to do a normal apt-get of some package, which will then come via the squid server. Subsequent requests for that package will be served by the cache.


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