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X on PowerMac 9500 w/ ATI Mach64


We were trying to install the mach64 xserver, but we haven't
found it. We searched the Mailinglist archive and found out,
that the package is broken. So, does somebody can help, and
say us, how does we can install it? The framebuffer device is
not working correctly. Does somebody had already this
problem? How did you solve it? Should we compile it from the

thank you in advance

 _  _ ___ ___  Michael Gaehwiler
| || / __| _ \ HSR Hochschule Rapperswil; Oberseestrasse 10;
| __ \__ \   / CH-8640 Rapperswil; Switzerland; Fax:+41 55 222 4400
|_||_|___/_|_\ EMAIL: mgaehwil@hsr.ch; WWW:www.hsr.ch

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