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Re: Need hardware recommendations

Obviously Phil Brutsche <pbrutsch@tux.creighton.edu>  thinks that:

> I would avoid Soyo like the plague.  I can't think about their Socket 7
> boards without running in horror...

Hmmm, been running Soyo board with a PI/133 some time ago and worked pretty fine, for what I thought... Personally I had worst experiences with ASUS boards at work, so right now most of the time we are using Abit or NMC boards which seem to be good... Anyway, guess I don't have to tell You that it's not at all considerable to use a board with sound / graphics controller / NIC onboard. :)))

> I would also consider getting an Athlon Thunderbird - they're cheaper than
> a PII with a higher clock speed, and are faster as well.

Right on that, our Athlon-Linux machines totally outperformed PIII systems of the same speed (and especially those of the same price ;) ).

> > I am considering the HP 1100 laser printer. But have heard good things
> > about Lexmark printers (Optra 310/E310/E312). I am looking for a laser
> > printer that is capable of 600dpi (at least), and is easy to setup under
> > Linux (of course!). It would be nice to get a printer that is supported
> > under both Linux and FreeBSD, as I do intend to run FreeBSD on this
> > machine from time to time.

Actually, I would stay with HP printers because for what I tried out so far, seems they are most compliant on all OS platforms, speaking they do well with Linux and *BSD same as with the Ruindows OSes if this is of interest. Personally, we also used some Kyocera printers in Linux very often, with pleasing results.

> > (5) CD-Burner
> >
> > I was told that SCSI CD-Burners tend to perform the best under Linux and
> > cause the least problems, which is why I decided to go SCSI in this new
> > system. Plextor has been recommended. Are there any other SCSI CD
> > burners that work well under Linux ?

Already seen devices by Ricoh, TraxData or TEAC work fine in Linux, but my first choice would be Plextor, as well.. :))


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