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Re: Need hardware recommendations

>>>>> "CF" == C Falconer <criggie@ihug.co.nz> writes:
    CF>  The leasing company might not be happy with you sticking your
    CF> own bits in their machine... something to watch for.

Good point. I intend to clarify as much with them before signing any

    CF>  Okay - you mention below that you'll have a network card, and
    CF> hence probably a network.  Have you considered a HP 2100 TN?
    CF> Twin tray, jetdirect network interface, and postscript.  What
    CF> more could you want for under $2000 NZ (fsck knows what it is in
    CF> your local currency :)

Ok, those features sound really good. And, yes I will be running a
network at home. But I did a currency conversion
(http://www.xe.net/ucc/) and 2,000.00 NZD = 1,216.42 CAD (Canadian
Dollars). Yikes!!! That is a bit over budget, to say the least. I don't
really need the twin-trays or the jetdirect network interface, just sth
that does decent quality laser output (>= 600 dpi) and supports

    CF>  Zips work fine in linux and have for years... but you have a CD
    CF> writer in this system...

I probably won't need a Zip/Jaz disk _and_ a CD-burner at the same time
in this system. Might just be a better idea to get a good CD-burner.

    CF> Also I suggest you investigate rent-to-own... its a lease with
    CF> an added clause that you get the option of purchase at the end
    CF> of the lease for a nominal one-off payment, but this is not
    CF> standard in all leases.

I have already spoken to the leasing company about this, and they do
setup these kinds of leases. I'll decide about the rent-to-own once I
have system specs finalized so that I have the total cost of the system
in front of me.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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