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Re: connection problem with T-Online

On Wed, 01 Nov 2000, TrEB wrote:
> I can't get a stable connection with my T-Online provider.
> ... to Mobilcom's Freenet provider all is working fine.
> ... t-online disconnects after 4-5 secs

Hi, sorry for being late (prob: sendmail 8.9.3-23 compiled with
the PICKY_HOST option doesn't go well with kde1.2/kmail1.0.28)!

Most providers use Layer2 X75/LAPB protocol.
t-online uses HDLC.

With the kernel isdn module it's Register 14

S14=0	LAPB
S14=3	HDLC

You know this is your problem, if the answer from the D-Channel is
BUSY (to be found in the syslogs).

hope it helps ;-), martin

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