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Re: Woody

Hi John!

> I have used Slink and now use Potato. As I seem to be getting
> problems installing KDE on Potato and many people say they
> are running Woody successfully, I wonder if I shall go to Woody.

I've been using woody here for about a month now.  So far I've been
lucky, spotted warnings here about chaos events etc, but remember, it
is called unstable for a reason.

> I have a 56K modem and have to pay line charges. Whilst I don't
> mind spending a reasonable time downloading, I've no wish
> to be on line for many hours ( the tarball of a kernel takes 70 - 80
> minutes which is quite acceptable).

Same here.  I don't have a lot of packages on my system, which helps.
If you watch out for what's coming, you can sometimes put things on
hold, for example here I currently have mozilla and libnspr4 on hold
as I know I have the latest versions and that any updates at the
moment will be the same software with a different package number.
Once M19 is released and packaged I will unhold them.

btw - on the kernel side, it helps to download the patch files
instead, they're a lot smaller.
Sean Furey, a happy and satisfied Debian user.

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