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Re: Upgrading video card: Best of these three?

Obviously Rogerio Brito <rbrito@iname.com>  thinks that:

> 	In all reviews that I've studied, the NVIDIA cards seem to be
> 	the winners of performance, but the fact that they don't have
> 	a receptive attitude towards the community means that they
> 	don't want people like me as their customers.

You're having my highest respect for that... I guess it's important to, after talking about Free/ Open Source software, to get people also sensitized in issues of Open *hardware*. I can't really see it as a *support* of a company towards the Linux movement to sell a product with proprietary, closed source drivers while not supporting open developers and keeping hardware specifications secret.. To me, this is nothing more than a pure marketing trick to get the (fortunately growing) amount of Linux users to buy their hardware products... Computers are dead if people are limited to using closed, proprietary software, but the best free OS doesn't has any use when there is no possiblilty to get access to working hardware. 

Please, everybody check www.openhardware.org , since even if this thing is pretty important, seems it's still way underestimated.. :)

Regards, have a fine sunday...

"And the things that we fear are the weapons to
 be used against us." (Rush)

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