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Re: To print to hpdeskjet 840C

Vi scribis:
> I want to print to a hp deskjet color printer...
> You know which filter I must to use?
¿Que tal?

Your choice depends on what you want to print:
( from http://www.linuxprinting.org )

mn magazine c't - Magazin fuer
                          Computertechnik (21/2000) recommends for the HP
                          DeskJet 840C:
                          Text: cdj670/300x300
                          Photo: cdj880/2400x2400
                          STP not tested.

Check out the site mentioned above and then compare what you can get from
magicfilter or apsfilter to satisfy your needs.


PS: For text you could give the dj690c-best-filter included in magicfilter a
try. It's working great on my cheap, old and noisy hp695 at 600x600 b/w  

(Dr.) Michael Hummel
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