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Re: Upgrading video card: Best of these three?

"Jonathan Gift" <jgift@wanadoo.fr> schrieb am 03.11.00:

> I'm upgrading my video card and have read several online breakdowns of the
> assorted cards and linux. I've narrowed it down to three but the real
> requirement is will they work with Debian 2.2 as is and not with either
> special drivers or wait until XF 4.0x.
> Voodoo 3 3000 AGP

Works fine with 2.2, as for what I found until now, since the most packages needed (glide) already are included in standard stock of potato, and they work fine with XF3.3.6

> Matrox Millenium 5400 32MB
=G400? If yes, this one should do fine, as well, but You'll have to install utah-glx drivers (utah-glx.sourceforge.net) to get hardware-based glx support, but this is easy since the drivers are to be found as .deb files on the utah-glx site...

> The Voodoo and ATI cards were listed as generic in XF86Setup. Will that
> cause recognition problems?

No problems, for what I know, for both cards. Any other experiences, anybody? :)))

> Any other sugestions appreciated. I left off the NVIDIA 5or close to it)
> crds because the GeForce2 seem to prefer XF 4.0x.

Basically, nvidia`s chipsets (at least for TNT2 I tried) also are supported by XF 3.3.6 and utah-glx... Besides this, after trying out for several times, I don't at all recommend running nvidia-based cards in XF 4.x for the following reasons:

(a) NVIDIAs drivers for those cards (even while being fast) are obviously still *very* unreliable, which (at least with my TNT2 board) caused several severe crashes of the x-server (especially while running "gears" or other of those problems with -root option set, and while trying to switch to the text console and back to X again).

(b) besides that, those drivers are binary-only and they seem to have some problems with certain 2.4.0-testx kernels (don`t know if they fixed by now). Installation seems to be difficult sometimes due to unresolved conflicts with installed MESA-version while using those drivers on systems which are not RedHat-based (because nvidia only are offering .rpm - packages and `generic` archives as .tar.gz ...).

(c) nvidia still is not very cooperative in providing the developers of `open` driver systems with information, that's why utah-glx is still very much slower than their native drivers because it`s not possible for those to use DMA on that card. This is why I am tending to ask people to please DO NOT SUPPORT companies like nvidia and their attempt of bringing proprietary drivers to Linux... Thank You! 


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