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Re: [OT] Mozilla and JunkBuster

Quoth Brendan Cully, 
> hmm, interesting. I've been getting more banners and cookies since I
> started using mozilla, too. I figured it was because evil web
> advertisers had wised up and were using javascript to do all their
> devilish cookie/banner code (I don't think junkbuster attempts to edit
> javascript). But if the old netscape is doing better, I suppose it
> must be something else. It might be worth trying to block outgoing
> access to port 80 to everything but junkbuster (not too tricky if you
> can run junkbuster on a different machine than your webbrowser,
> otherwise I don't know). Then you could see if mozilla was always
> using the proxy...

The weird thing is, it can't be just slipping around the proxy or not
using it, as I'm behind a firewall and the only way to get out is using
the proxy server (which is a right, royal pain in the arse). So I have
no idea how it's happening.

WRT the javascript thing, it's also a possibility, as mozilla probably
has support for some tricks that netscape doesnt.

Oh well...



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