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Re: [OT] Mozilla and JunkBuster

([<> On 1 Nov 2000, some witty mortal wrote: <>])

> WRT the javascript thing, it's also a possibility, as mozilla probably
> has support for some tricks that netscape doesnt.

 Maybe the ads are in the form of inline frames ? I know that a lot of 
banner ads are starting to combine inline frames with javascript, which 
Opera 4 kindly displays twice :o\

 Anyway, check to see if the ads are from inline frames, and see if you 
can disable inline frames, and see if that helps.

 I know Opera 4.02, Win32, allows you to block inline frames, which are 
generally used for banner ads, and not much else currently ;o)

 Ard Righ

 S' Rioghal Mo Dhream!


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