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Re: Sendmail + Authenticated SMTP?

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, John Covici wrote:

> Hi.  Once I installed the Debian package I was no longer able to send
> any mail -- what would I have to do to get this to work.  I had to
> recompile it without ldap and sasl to get mail out the door.

Thats not much to go on...

Its fairly safe to ignore LDAP here, unless you've LDAP routing -
so we'll assume that SASL was your problem !  By removing it, you've
told sendmail to do *no* authentication.

So, it seems possible that:
  1) the local sendmail rejected your mail (from pine/netscrape/etc.)
  2) your upstream rejected mail from your sendmail

for the above, 1 is much more likely, but here's the scoop:
  1) The Debian 8.11.1 setup assumes that users are authenticated
     via PAM - check /etc/pam.d/sendmail and scan the logs in
     /var/log/mail/sendmail.* for rejection clues.
     For user customization, I can't help much except to say that
     you should elide the domain...  For netscape, I have my mail
     userid set to just 'cowboy', not 'cowboy@debian.org'.
  2) The /etc/mail/auth-info doesn't match what your upstream
     provider is asking for - get the user/pwd/realm information
     from the upstream and scan the logs in
     /var/log/mail/sendmail.* for rejection clues.

Rick Nelson
We come to bury DOS, not to praise it.
	-- Paul Vojta, vojta@math.berkeley.edu

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