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Re: root file system

31.10.2000 pisze Art Edwards (edwardsa@thuntek.net):

> I'm noticing that my root file system has filled up. I'm having a very
> hard time trying to find out what is growing. Has anybody had the same
> thing happen? I'm running potato (kernel 2.2.17) on both an athalon and
> a pentium III machine (both are exhibiting the same engorgement.)

Maybe you don't have separate /var partition and some logs, spool
directories and similar data has grown simply too much? Use `df'.

> BTW, what is the file kcore? It seems to be very big.

As big as your RAM, isn't it? I had once the same symptoms. Isn't it
really interesting, how did THEY know, how many physical memory has
your computer?

g, d&r

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