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Re: NDS Corporate Edition for Linux - Looking for help


Thanks for the tips. Since posting this message I came across a Sys Admin on a Novell forum who I believe worked at Novell and he said that NDS Corp Edition should work OK on Debian according to the specs he had for NDS Corp Edition product (which basically were not specific to the distribution but dependent on a certain kernel version and particular libraries). I have seen different specs for the product on different web pages in Novell and to be honest I'm a little confused. I got in touch with another person who had installed it successfully on Debian. He passed on the details and it all worked fine on my Debian boxes with the exception of SSL (apparently used for secure LDAP requests??) and not required for my work at this stage.

I take your point re support for the product. It's something that really needs to be considered from a business point of view. Suffice to say there will be some very intense testing before I consider going it alone on Debian. It's just a shame that Novell doesn't support any other distribution of Linux at this stage because NDS and Zenworks are two very good products that help integrate Netware, Linux and Windows desktops into one happy environment. Maybe in a year or so I'll get lucky.

Many thanks for replying



>>> "Andrew Hagen" <xah@myrealbox.com> 28.10.2000 10:09:28 am >>>
I'm a former Novell sys admin. A lot of people don't realize it, but NDS is a mature technology.
Microsoft's "Active Directory" has about 10 years of catching up to do.

If Novell says only RedHat 6.1 and 6.2 are supported, don't use Debian, or Slackware, or
SUSE, or whatever for this NDS thing. Just use what what they tell you. Otherwise, when
you need support from Novell, they'll ignore you.

You might be interested in the server editions or corporate editions of Red Hat. Novell might 
support one of these. Each license can cost over $1000. Check their web site for more info.

BTW, good luck on your business,


On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:10:33 +1100, Craig Law wrote:

>I'm not sure whether this is the right list to make this posting and if not any direction to the correct list would be appreciated.
>I'm currently a Debian user and love the purity of the distribution and especially apt-get. I'm working on a project to setup 
Debian servers to run NDS Corporate Edition for Linux as well as Zenworks for Desktops 3 (both Novell products). I'm an 
experienced user of Zenworks and love what it does for controlling a users Windows environment and distributing applications 
throughout our organisation. I'm now looking to setup a company where we replace Netware servers with Debian servers (more 
stable, easier to use and no OS licensing fee) and run NDS Corp Ed for Windows workstation authentication and Zenworks for 
Desktops 3 (and of course Samba for File and Printer serving).
>Unfortunately NDS Corporate Edition for Linux and Zenworks for Desktops is only really supported on a Redhat Linux 6.1 or 
6.2 platform. It works well on a Redhat platform. I've done a little bit of tinkering with the install shell script supplied by Novell on 
my Debian server but bomb out half way through. I can't say that I'm experienced enough with these sorts of things to be able 
to work my way through to a solution. Is there anyone out there that would be interested in helping me get the product to work 
in a Debian Linux environment. I'm sure there are others out there that would be interested in our results.
>Obviously this software from Novell is not free. I have a trial version and with a little bit of help from Novell we might be able to 
make it work on the best Linux distribution. More than happy to forward the 9MB file to anyone who wants to help.
>If there is anyone out there who would like to help please let me know. I would prefer to use Debian on these servers!!!
>Many thanks
>Craig Law
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