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Re: LI at boot after making \boot reiserfs

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 07:33:22PM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> >>>>> "Ethan" == Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:
>     Ethan> LILO is not compatible with reiserfs, either make /boot
>     Ethan> ext2 again or use GNU grub instead.
> I assume grub is compatible with reiserfs?

the docs alege it to be... there is a stage1.5 for reiserfs too... 

> I am a bit confused - why is lilo incompatible with reiserfs? I thought
> all lilo did was mark a list of blocks where the kernel resides,
> and that this should work regardless of file system...

reiserfs does something strange in the way files are stored that
confuses lilo, someone else posted that mounting the filesystem -o
notail or something like that would allow lilo to work properly.  i
don't know that much about reiserfs but what i have read indicates you
should not use it for / or /boot.  (lilo being one of the reasons)

> ...assuming you remembered to reinstall lilo after making modifications,
> of course.

i think so..

> As for the original problem, the original poster will have to compile
> a kernel for a boot disk. To do this, copy the kernel to a disk (use
> the dd command), and change the boot device using rdev (procedure not
> tested).

that is supposed to work but i had it fail on a machine
recently... annoying. 

Ethan Benson

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