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Re: Multiple e-mail personalities

>>>>> "RC" == Ryan Claycamp <ryanc@southwind.net> writes:

    RC> Does anyone know how to configure mutt to use multiple names
    RC> and how to configure exim so it sees how the message is
    RC> addressed and uses the smarthost for the right from address?

I create a login account for each email account; it makes life easier
if your email username ID's are suitable for Linux login usernames:
use them if you can. If not it can be worked around.

Then set up fetchmail or whatever for each of those accounts, pointing
it at the appropriate POP account or whatever.

For sending, if you want to do without a smarthost, you can try, but
there is no need for more than one smtp host if you don't want to do
the sending chores yourself. Exim can be configured for a smart host;
just rerun eximconfig.

Finally, in each .muttrc, place something like:

my_hdr From: RogerClemens@RetardsRus.org

or whutever... ;-)

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA

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