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On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 01:36:10PM +0200, Matthias Mann wrote:
> Some people like to make big panic at media. Every day this happens on
> radio, tv and also in the internet. If i would beleve al this informaitions
> i had always fear to get a virus (equal whether i get it on compuer or my
> body) or another very bad thing will happen with me. And i´m not stupid,
> cause i look for the best i can do to prevent the bad result. In this case i
> checked my computer for viruses and nothing would be find. The chain letter
> seems to be clean. And don´t forget : Nobody is perfect. So please respect
> me if i made a mistake.

don't propagate a chain letter through a list group. not cool.
we all signed up to exchange information about debian and its
related software. rudness of the first degree, to use that
forum to broadcast unrelated junk.


> I you where the owner of this newsgroup i would respect your request and you
> would see no more chain letters of me here. And if i think about sending
> another chain letter to this place i will think on you. If here are more
> then one people who ton´t like those letters i think it is better for all to
> let it be. And i think i will not send another chain letter again into this
> newsgroup. I got much of chain letters in the last three years and this was
> the only one that i liked to send it others, cause it has an important
> message.

i don't own the newsgroup. nobody really does -- it's a community of folk
who want to share info regarding debian.

if you insist on stumping for your pet projects, please have the decorum
to send it directly to people you know, who aren't likely to be offended
by your efforts.

> Are you shure that nobody wants and needs some chain letters? I think much
> of these letters are unnecessery. However not all! Isn´t it the content that
> will decide if it is unnecessery or not and not the fact that it is a chain
> letter?

i can't say i speak for everybody, but i can say with certainty
that *I* do not like them, want them, appreciate them, or
tolerate them. i don't know of anyone (over the age of 13)
who even thinks they are entertaining.

unless it's a chain-letter spoof, that's well executed.
but even then, it would not belong on this list.

people on a newsgroup have a lot of control over the messages
they receive, and several of the posts that followed your
message indicated that you're in their killfile. that means
they AUTOMATICALLY delete any messages coming from you.
so if you're asking for help, you won't get it, because you
already encouraged them to tune you out.

debian-user is for debian information exchange. think, THEN act.

self-reference, n: see self-reference.

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